28 janeiro, 2015


This album, which apparently first came out in '92, features 6 long medleys of Beatles songs (not performed by the Beatles, of course). The medleys include 5 songs each, except for the last one, which has 6 songs.

The medleys are performed by a group who I've never heard (or seen) tell of anywhere else --- "Dr. Fink And The Mystery Band." This group is (was?) apparently a trio, made up of guys who are also otherwise unfamiliar to me: the vocals are by Damian Paul, the guitars are by James Behringer, and whoever "Dr. Fink" was (or is) plays bass, keyboards and drums.

Someone named Hiram Titus is credited for "additional keyboards on 'The End.'" (I'm not sure if that refers to just the song "The End," or to the entire final medley, which also has that name.) Dr. Fink is also credited with the production of the album. I don't know if this was (or is) a "real" band, or just one that got together to do this album or perhaps was "put together" by someone else to do it. Whatever may be the case, I think this is really a good album.

All of the medleys are over 7 minutes long; 3 of them are about 7-and-a-half minutes, and the others are even at least a little longer (the last one is is about 8-and-a-half minutes!). (I'm going by the timings given with the CD; I don't know if they're exact.).

All but one of the songs "covered" are Lennon/McCartney compositions; the one oddball is George Harrison's "Taxman." The album is apparently more a tribute to the songs of Lennon/McCartney, than really a tribute to the Beatles. In fact, this is as good as admitted on the back cover of the CD --- it says, "1992 begins the fourth decade of music by Lennon and McCartney... We the musicians and vocalists [wasn't there just ONE vocalist?] who created this album have done so with a deep desire to keep their music alive forever.

This is our tribute..." I don't have a problem with a Lennon/McCartney tribute, but I can't figure out why they tossed in one single NON-Lennon/McCartney song. One of the "covers" here strikes me as particularly interesting: "Eleanor Rigby," which closes the third medley, is performed instrumentally (the only cover that is performed that way), and is, I think, the longest cover on the album. I love it; I think it sounds great!.

I have also noticed that, although the songs in the medleys don't appear in the exact order that the original Beatles recordings were released, most of them don't seem too "out of place" around the songs that appear next to them. 

Most of the earlier songs (from '62-'64) are in the 1st medley; most of the "middle" ones (from '65-'66) in the 2nd and 3rd (though the 3rd one opens with "Lady Madonna"); the ones from '67 in the 4th; and most of the latest ones in the 5th. The last medley seems to be mostly a ballad-oriented medley, with songs from almost every period.

I'd say that overall, this CD isn't really great, but I still find it to be pretty cool. Whoever the guys in this "mysterious" band were (or are), I think they did a good job!

Fonte: (dec.2014)

in this post we present the album entitled "Hooked A Tribute Beatles", which was released in 1992 in Brazil by CID record - Industrial Company disks and the USA by the record company KTEL.


1. Please Me 
Please Please Me / All My Loving / Eight Days A Week / A Hard Day's Night / Can't Buy Me Love

2. Help Me
Help! / Ticket To Ride / Day Tripper / Paperback Writer / Got To Get You Into My Life

3. Drive Me
Lady Madonna / Drive My Car / Nowhere Man / Taxman / Eleanor Rigby

4. The Tribute
Sgt Pepper''s Lonely Hearts Club Band / Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds / Magical Mystery Tour / I Am The Walrus / Strawberry Fields Forever

5. The Window
Ob La Di Ob La Da / Get Back / Back In The USSR / Polythene Pam / She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

6. The End
If I Fell / Michelle / Yesterday / Blackbird / Hey Jude / The End

Performed by: Dr. Fink and The Mystery Band
Producer: Dr. Fink
Executive Producer: Owen R. Husney
Vocals: Damian Paul
Bass, keyboards and drums: Dr. Fink
Guitars: James Behringer
Additional keyboards on The End: Hiran Titus