29 maio, 2015


Desta vez, apresentamos um álbum muito interessante, com ótimas releituras das canções dos Beatles. O que chama a atenção é para a seleção das músicas, que foge do padrão de outros tributos, com a inclusão de canções não tão conhecidas.

O disco foi lançado em 1995, pela NYC Music. Na sequência, uma comentários de John Heidt, da Vintage Guitar Magazine, June 1995:

This time we present a very interesting album, with great reinterpretations of the songs of the Beatles. What stands out is for the selection of songs, which runs from the pattern of other taxes, with the inclusion of songs not as well known.

The album was released in 1995 by NYC Music. Following a comment of John Heidt, of Vintage Guitar Magazine, June 1995:

“Producer Mike Mainieri once again puts together a slew of great guitarists to interpret the classics of the Beatles, inc. Robben Ford, Wayne Krantz, Charlie Hunter, Michael Hedges, Philip DeGruy, Adam Rodgers/David Gilmore, Terje Rydal, David Tronzo & others.

This is [a] really eclectic, diverse, and just plain fun CD dedicated to the music of the Fab Four. It features some guitarists you've probably heard of, and some you probably don't know. It doesn't really matter, there's not a bad cut in the bunch.

Things get underway nicely with Wayne Krantz's version of Tomorrow Never Knows. The former Michael Brecker and Billy Cobham sideman never loses the melody of this early Beatle psychedelic number, while using his virtuosity to work around the melody with great bass and chordal work.

The droning bass notes are interrupted by lightning bolt soloing to give this one a nice feel to start the proceedings. By the way, this number shows up again as the last cut. David Fiuczynski uses some very odd technotype noises in the only cut that didn't immediately catch my ear. I must admit though, after a couple of listenings, the odd talk-box vocals and weirdness of the sound of the music became quite hypnotic and more listenable.

There are plenty of highlights to talk about. There's an incredible version of Strawberry Fields by Philip deGruy. On his Guitarp (7-string guitar with an extra set of ten tunable harp strings), deGruy makes a gorgeous statement of the John Lennon melody and augments them with some strums of the harp strings that will make your heart melt. Some nice false harmonics also help round things off. If you haven't heard of Philip before, I think you will. He's an incredible player, as evidenced by his solo album Innuendo Out the Other.

There's a guy on here I don't know who really supplied some smiles. His name is Charlie Hunter, and he covers Drive My Car. It's an amazing tour-de-force that left my mouth wide open wondering how one guy can do all of this. For that matter, how can one guy sound so damned funky? And to top it off, there's a little swing section in the middle that's incredible. No, to really top it off, for some reason, he ends every chorus with the lick from Junior Wells' Messin' With the Kid. No, I don't know why, but it sure sounds great.

There's some more treats, too. Check out Adam Rodgers and David Gilmore's take on I Am the Walrus. Great layered guitars take on the melody and create the same feel the original had. In fact, the whole cut kind of reminds me of the controlled chaos of the Beatles' version. Some great wang-bar crashes and hammer-ons help create a dead-on version of the tune.

One of my favorite guitarists, Robben Ford, shines on Golden Slumbers. He teams with former fellow Yellowjackets Russel Ferrante, Jimmy Haslip, and William Kennedy and paints a nice version of the Abbey Road-era classic.

Other highlights include Terje Rypdal's dreamy jazz-and-wah drenched version of Not a Second Time. Beatles, Hendrix, or just plain music and guitar fans will love this one.

Other nice turns are taken by Robert Quine and Jody Harris (Yes It Is), David Tronzo (Because), and Michael Hedges (If I Needed Someone). They all have something to offer the listener eager to explore new players. Check this one out".

1. Tomorrow never knows (Wayne Krantz)
2. Strawberry fields forever (Philip deGruy)
3. Drive my car (Charlie Hunter)
4. I am the walrus (Adam Rodgers & David Gilmore)
5. Not a second time (Terje Rypdal)
6. Yes it is (Robert Quine & Jody Harris)
7. Because (David Tronzo)
8. Golden Slumbers (Robben Ford)
9. If I needed someone (Michael Hedges)
10. Tomorrow never knows - Slight return (David Fiuczynski)

 Capa Alternativa (Alternative Front)